About us

Meat and Biltong has always been our passion, but has now transformed into a Business, Thanks to my old Friend from Bloemfontein that shared his recipe with us, REAL FREESTATE TASTE AND QUALITY 

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  • Beef Biltong - Finest Real Natural spiced Free State Biltong, this product made us famous
  • Game - We love nature we love meat and we love to share, we hunt our own game (Winter Only)
  • Droëwors & Chilli Droëwors - We use only the meat that came off from out bilting carcasses, pure fat pure meat, spiced and dried to perfection
  • Patties - Pure beef, we add nothing but pure beef
  • Boerewors - No Pork Only, The finest beef meat, fat and our special recipe
  • Lamb - Most of our lamb is from the Sudderland region pure karoo lamb, we hand pick our lamb to secure the best quality

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Contact us

Contact Person: Jacques Wessels

Tel: 021 981 0389

Email: jacquesw@aaabiltong.co.za

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